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Roy Taylor Returns to 'Back the Blue' Rally

This past Saturday, Wake County Sheriff Candidate Roy Taylor spoke at another "Back the Blue" rally in downtown Raleigh. The event was hosted by the "Back the Blue" Facebook group founded by Lindsay LiCausi

LiCausi spoke at the rally about the "Defund the Police" movement and the killing of George Floyd.

"I also was upset by what I saw unfold during that incident, as I know most of us were," said LiCausi. "Anybody with a heart would be upset watching a grown man beg for his life and beg for his mother as he lay on the ground dying, no matter what his criminal background entailed. However in America, the beautiful thing is that when we have a problem, we can fix it."

Roy Taylor addressed the crowd about his years of experience as an officer and called for fiscal support of police while watching for those who cause community mistrust.

"As an expert witness, I travel around the country and testify in cases of excessive use of force. But those officers, if they're systemically bad, need to be removed so that they don't tarnish the badge any longer," said MP Lt. Colonel Roy Taylor, US Army Reserve.

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Roy Taylor's Speech at 'Back the Blue' on August 8, 2020:

Back the Blue_08_08_20
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